Sunday, 24 November 2013

Chubby Checks

"She is so cute, I wanna die!! - Agnes"

August 1st, we, the Koriston family (Yup, our family) was cheering. Little baby named Felicia Annabelle Koriston arrived that day! Daughter of our older cousin. Means, a new baby to play with! Very terribly H.A.P.P.Y! (laugh)

We planned to have her picture taken earlier.. But, cuz of Belle's busy baby-schedules (eating and sleeping most of the time), only until early this month that Agnes got a chance to take her pictures.

The 3-months-young Belle sure knows how to act in front of camera. It was just a quick session though, she needed her baby-sleep that afternoon. So, yeah, here are some cute snaps, enjoy! =)

Belle's older brother will be featured in the next post! Keep watching! =D

xo, Picxee

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