Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas with Baby Jay

A photoshoot for baby Jay 1st Birthday and he was officially a year last week, happy birthday baby jay!<3 It was a super fun photoshoot. Jay was so shy at the beginning! He even didn't want to smile and only gave us his grumpy face, but after we had a friendly chit chat and played together, finally he showed his best smile. Together with her older sister, Alexa, they sure make  an adorable team!!<3 Also did some Christmas theme photoshoot, and it's Christmas already! Have a very happy Christmas everyone!

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!!

xo, Picxee

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Tea Party

After having the Tea Time maternity photoshoot, now it's time for the Tea Party! It was a Baby Shower Party for Adi&Damita. The party was so sweet. All the ladies must wore a headpiece with bohemian style which Agnes as the photographer must had it on too (lol)! A lot of tea with many flavors, cute cupcakes, tasty pudding and a very very delicious soto for the main meal. The touch of sweet decoration in every corner we step in made the party look even fancier. Thanks to Adi&Damita for trusting Picxee to capture this sweetest moment! <3

xo, Picxee

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Tea Time

A lovely maternity photoshoot we have here! And although, it is Agnes' 2nd attempt for maternity photoshoot, it was running very well like always (Proud of her ^^). Introducing the gorgeous Mommie-to-be, Damita and her husband, Adi. It was a super tiring day, from moving all the furniture (yea, did the photoshoot in their living room :p), preparing the "Tea Time" (cookies and stuffs ^^). But, the best thing was we got a hand from our best partner in crime, Ce Vera, thank you very much! All and all, everything went very smoothly and here are the result! Enjoy :D

Adi&Damita Baby Shower will be in the next post, so wait up! :D

xoxo, Picxee

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Little Chaplin

Like we promise you on the previous post, here he is! Belle's older brother, Alvaro. Don't they look alike? And surely, they both are so adorable!! <3 Took these cute snaps right after taking baby Belle's pictures. Here are the result, enjoy!

"Tea Time" maternity session will be on the next post! See you then! =Dxo, Picxee

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Chubby Checks

"She is so cute, I wanna die!! - Agnes"

August 1st, we, the Koriston family (Yup, our family) was cheering. Little baby named Felicia Annabelle Koriston arrived that day! Daughter of our older cousin. Means, a new baby to play with! Very terribly H.A.P.P.Y! (laugh)

We planned to have her picture taken earlier.. But, cuz of Belle's busy baby-schedules (eating and sleeping most of the time), only until early this month that Agnes got a chance to take her pictures.

The 3-months-young Belle sure knows how to act in front of camera. It was just a quick session though, she needed her baby-sleep that afternoon. So, yeah, here are some cute snaps, enjoy! =)

Belle's older brother will be featured in the next post! Keep watching! =D

xo, Picxee

Sunday, 17 November 2013


by Agnes

Ballerina, some people may think that it's just a word for a ballet dancer, but for some others, ballerina means so much more! A word that describes emotions, passions, techniques and soul. I, personally adore ballerina. They can dance so delicate and gently, with tons of deep feelings, pulling everyone into the story they are telling with every movement.

Lucky us, to have a friend who is so much into ballet. The talented ballerina, Agnes Lawputri. (Yes, Agnes is Agnes' friend! haha.. ) Enjoy the photos!

xo, Picxee

Friday, 15 November 2013

Touch of Blue

It was Sunday, such a perfect weather to take a quick snaps.

Introducing the girl in blue dress, Cathley, our sweet little cousin. As much as we love her in the pretty outfit, we also love the old wall texture! How about you? =)

We know what you are thinking... such a "flat" expression of her, well, that's what people called acting (haha.. =p). But really, she is a very sweet sweet girl =).


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Baby Ed 1st Month

Remember the baby shower of Mega+Denny? Well, it's been over a month since the baby boy was born. Give a very warm greeting to baby Ed =).

These are pictures of his very first month in the world. Had a very gorgeous moment with him and the whole family. He is so adorable, we just fell in love at the first sight! haha.. And we are still going to be around him for a whole year! Yay!

Yes, you will be seeing him all year round as we will be there when he's 3 months old, 6, 9 and on his first bday!

Many thanks to the parents, and the baby's aunties Vera and Therly for coming along with their assistance =)

xo, Picxee

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

My Teddy & I

A very quick photoshoot with Angeline this time. She's always too cute to be true. A very cute look with her teddy bear on her side. Too bad Agnes' couldn't catch more pictures cause Angel's too busy scratching her hands and saying that the dress were too itchy. Actually, the dress was so good and smooth. It's her habit to make up something when she's not in the mood, lol. Kids always do that don't they? But, did catch some cute pictures. Enjoy <3

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xoxo, Picxee.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Ronny + Helen

So grateful to be able to capture one of the happiest moment of these two lovely people! ^^
also, L.O.V.E the umbrella!

Wish them a happily ever after and wonderful marriage life..


please do not save the images, feel free to share it. Picxee photography, all rights reserved.