Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas with Baby Jay

A photoshoot for baby Jay 1st Birthday and he was officially a year last week, happy birthday baby jay!<3 It was a super fun photoshoot. Jay was so shy at the beginning! He even didn't want to smile and only gave us his grumpy face, but after we had a friendly chit chat and played together, finally he showed his best smile. Together with her older sister, Alexa, they sure make  an adorable team!!<3 Also did some Christmas theme photoshoot, and it's Christmas already! Have a very happy Christmas everyone!

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!!

xo, Picxee

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Tea Party

After having the Tea Time maternity photoshoot, now it's time for the Tea Party! It was a Baby Shower Party for Adi&Damita. The party was so sweet. All the ladies must wore a headpiece with bohemian style which Agnes as the photographer must had it on too (lol)! A lot of tea with many flavors, cute cupcakes, tasty pudding and a very very delicious soto for the main meal. The touch of sweet decoration in every corner we step in made the party look even fancier. Thanks to Adi&Damita for trusting Picxee to capture this sweetest moment! <3

xo, Picxee

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Tea Time

A lovely maternity photoshoot we have here! And although, it is Agnes' 2nd attempt for maternity photoshoot, it was running very well like always (Proud of her ^^). Introducing the gorgeous Mommie-to-be, Damita and her husband, Adi. It was a super tiring day, from moving all the furniture (yea, did the photoshoot in their living room :p), preparing the "Tea Time" (cookies and stuffs ^^). But, the best thing was we got a hand from our best partner in crime, Ce Vera, thank you very much! All and all, everything went very smoothly and here are the result! Enjoy :D

Adi&Damita Baby Shower will be in the next post, so wait up! :D

xoxo, Picxee